We literally receive thousands of emails and questions each week.  We designed this page to answer our most common questions.  Please be sure to read through these questions and answers as it will give you a better understanding of our Direct Level Membership program. 
Question:  Does it cost anything to join your membership program?

Answer:  We currently charge a membership fee of only $19.95 per month.  This monthly fee covers our expense in our research department.  Each day, we have a team of researchers that do nothing but research companies that offer home jobs.  It's up to them to see whether they will pass our strict examination to determine if the home job is legit or not. This fee also ensures the companies in our directory that you are serious about finding a real home job.  This is how we can weed out the scams and potentially save our clients thousands of dollars.  Our membership can be canceled at any time. 
Question:  What do these home jobs typically pay?

Answer:  We have included a sample listing of some of the positions we have have in our directory and what they pay on an average.  Some of our clients choose to participate in multiple home jobs and earn in excess of $6500 per month while others choose this as a part time opportunity and earn between $800 and $1500 per month.  That choice is up to you.
Question:  Are you always accepting new members?

Answer:  Although we try to keep our membership open at all times, from time to time we do have to limit the number of memberships available.  Our support network is designed to support a certain number of clients.  Once we exceed that, we must limit the number of new members.  When this happens, we do offer a waiting list. 
Question:  Do you guarantee that I will find a home job?

Answer:  We do offer our guarantee that you will find a real home job that pays you.  That is why we offer our full 8 week trial period.  If at any time you are not happy with your membership, we will refund your payment in full!  Not many companies will offer this guarantee but we are confident with our support network and the quality of the home job postings, we can offer this guarantee.  To date, we have only had 18 clients cancel within the 8 week trial period and one of them re-joined the next week once they got the job they learned about from our directory.  
Question:  How does your membership program work?

Answer:  We offer a full listing of home jobs available.  We certify each listing that the company is an accredited company and not a scam.  We then publish this position to our directory.  We do occasionally miss a position posting that is not legit.  That is why we request that our clients email us immediately if they run across any company that is not on the up and up.  We keep a database of scam companies to ensure they never make it on our directory. 
Question:  Do you offer any kind of placement assistance?

Answer:  Yes, we do offer a placement assistance program.  This is only available to our Direct Level members.  This placement assistance will submit your information to over 1000 companies that offer real home jobs.  You only have to submit one application on our network.  We then submit that application to all of the companies we have in our directory.  This is the fastest way to get a real home job.  Once again this is only available to our members so if you are interested, join our program and you will learn all about it. 
Question:  Does your company work with any home business opportunities?

Answer:  We do not work directly with any home business opportunities but we do have an editors review department.  In this department, our editors have reviewed over 2500 different work from home programs.  They have weeded out the scams from the real programs that allow you to make money online from home.  These programs are ranked based upon success factors and the level of support they offer their clients.  You can learn more about these programs by clicking here.  Our directory of home jobs does not include any home business programs that require you to pay money to get started.
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